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Motivation for Clinical Trials

Posted on March 18, 2021 by SERA

Plato’s insight, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” often proves true, even in a clinic setting when problems arise that frustrate both physician and patient. These problems, however, can be a motivator for finding a solution through clinical research to the questions, “How can we do something better?” “How can we develop an approach or a therapy that doesn’t have a good approach to it yet? Should we use the tools that we have now, or do we need to develop a new tool?” These are the questions that the physicians at Southeastern Retina Associates ask often and do so through their very prolific clinical trials programs located throughout the region.

Current clinical trial practices like Southeastern Retina, as well as academic Centers, work together to answer clinical questions in a meaningful way. One of our doctors said it best. “It’s a way of contributing back to the standard of care all over the world.” Questions come from the clinic, we answer them in a thoughtful way, and then they go back to the clinic to make things better for our patients.”