Insurance & Payment Information

Fees and Insurance

Your health insurance plan is likely to cover most professional services performed in our offices. Services are defined as office visits, consultations, surgical procedures, laser treatments, and all other tests or treatments our physicians provide.

Assistance Filing Your Insurance Claims

Southeastern Retina Associates staff will assist you in filing claims with all of your insurance companies. We are pleased to be a participating provider for almost every major health insurance plan, including Medicare, Medicaid, and TennCare. If you have questions, please call our billing office at (888)-306-1265.

Please Bring Your Insurance Card(s) to Every Visit

It is important that you bring all of your insurance card(s) with you to every visit. We need to make a copy of the information on your cards so we have current information in our files. Bring your major medical insurance cards, including Medicare, Medicaid TennCare cards if you have them, and any cards for supplemental insurance coverage you may have.

You Are Responsible for Pre-Authorization Sign-Up

Many health insurance plans require pre-authorization from your referring primary care (or family) physician before you receive medical services from one of SERA’s specialists. You are responsible for getting authorization from your primary care physician.

Failure to get authorization will mean that your health plan will deny payment for our services, so you will be responsible for payment of all SERA medical services you receive. If you are uncertain whether your health plan requires referral preauthorization, call your insurance company’s customer service representative or your family physician’s office.