Patient Experience

Patient Experience

A clinical trial begins once researchers establish its scientific justification and receive approval from local ethics committees and health authorities.

Before enrolling, the research team will thoroughly review the study's specifics with you, outlining its duration and procedures. Following this detailed review and discussion, your decision to participate and agreement to take part is a pivotal step in initiating your involvement.

Throughout the trial, you'll interact with various members of our experienced study team. This team of research specialists, working alongside the physicians overseeing the trial, will guide and support you during your participation.

Upon finishing a clinical trial, you can take pride in your significant contribution to medical progress. Following the trial's conclusion, findings will be analyzed by a group of experts, and you will have the opportunity to learn about the discoveries made by the doctors and scientists.
Subsequently, the results will be made publicly available for review once the study concludes.

  • Clinical trials are scientific studies that involve people like you! When you take part in a study, it helps doctors and researchers learn more about diseases and the effects of a drug or device on a disease, to improve health care for people in the future. These trials adhere to various regulations and protocols aimed at safeguarding the rights, safety, and welfare of participants. They constitute an indispensable phase in the advancement of new medications and technologies.

  • Your well-being and safety are our utmost priorities when participating in a clinical trial. Our clinical trials adhere to stringent regulations and laws to safeguard your rights, safety, and privacy.

    All clinical trials are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines, following approval from national regulatory authorities and research ethics committees. Trials are undertaken only when scientifically and medically justified, with careful consideration of the balance between potential benefits and risks to participants.

    Throughout the trial, any potential adverse events or side effects are meticulously monitored, and appropriate action is taken as needed.

  • Volunteering is inherently personal and numerous motivations drive individuals to take part in clinical trials. Most of our patients say they participate to help others, to possibly receive the newest treatments not yet available on the market, or to simply feel more involved in their own care.

    • Other potential benefits of participation may include:
    • Close medical supervision throughout your participation
    • Access to expert medical care at leading healthcare facilities
    • Contribution to advancing medical research
    • Providing information that may benefit other people in the future
  • Depending on local regulations, individuals participating in clinical trials might receive a stipend or reimbursement for travel and other related expenses during the trial.

  • Participating in a study typically entails adhering to the instructions outlined in the trial-specific agreement. This involvement typically encompasses:

    • Following your study doctor's prescribed regimen for the study medication.
    • Attending scheduled doctor visits for study-related health assessments, also referred to as study visits.
    • Maintaining regular communication with the study coordinator or doctor throughout the study period, either via phone or in-person meetings.
    • Documenting any alterations to your medication or changes in your well-being between scheduled visits.
  • To join, you'll undergo a screening process led by the doctor to assess your eligibility. The physician will confirm suitability based on the comprehensive details outlined in the clinical trial plan, or protocol. This entails examining your complete ocular and medical history, conducting a thorough evaluation, confirming your full understanding of the trial, and more.

  • Before joining a trial, you'll receive both spoken and written details about the study. The research staff will guide you through understanding the trial's specifics. You will review a document called an informed consent, which will outline and fully inform you in detail of the aspects of the study. Prior to opting in by signing the consent form, our staff will confirm that you have a full understanding of the trial and that all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. During your participation, you will be updated about any applicable protocol changes or new information, and you may be asked to sign a new consent form.

  • Trial durations range from weeks to years, with each trial being unique. As part of the participation agreement, you will receive upfront information regarding the duration of a specific trial.

  • While your commitment to participating in the entirety of the study and attending all scheduled visits is crucial for the research team to effectively monitor your progress, you may choose to withdrawal at any time. Decision to do so will not affect your medical care. However, your consistent attendance ensures a comprehensive understanding of the study outcomes, potentially leading to personal benefits from the clinic visits as well.

  • A placebo, a substance resembling the actual medicine but devoid of active components, often plays a crucial role in clinical trials. This helps researchers evaluate the effects of a treatment. While participants might be given a placebo in some trials, patients are made fully aware of any possibility of receiving a placebo prior to agreeing to take part.

Patient Research Testimonials

These firsthand accounts from our study participants serve as beacons of hope, underscoring our committment to improving the lives of those affected by retinal disorders and highlighting the transformative power of patient-centered research.

“I would like to thank everyone from your office for a great experience during the Clinical Trial. From my first contact with you folks to end of the trial, I have been treated exceptionally well. Everyone has been courteous and professional. I have been extremely impressed with the scheduling efficiency during the trial (best healthcare experience ever). All the staff seemed well trained and really good at their jobs. This includes coordinators, technicians, and doctor”
A Happy Patient
“I feel privileged to have participated in the study. Encourage everyone to join a clinical trial if appropriate.”
“I have been in two studies now over the past six years. I have had the best service you could want. The staff are excellent and professional. The doctors are the best in their fields. I would highly recommend being in a study if you can.”
“With Dr. Anderson’s guidance I was given the opportunity to volunteer to participate in a two year monitored study program during which I received an injection every 30 to 45 days which I readily accepted.

I was prepared for each injection by an outstanding group of caring professionals under the guidance of the lead Research Analyst, Kristina Oliver. The injections were administered with obvious expertise and care by various S.E. Retina Physicians.

The vision in my right eye improved noticeably with the very first injection and has returned to what was normal prior to the onset of the M.D. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Anderson and all of the S.E. Retina associates for their expertise, concern and care.”