Clinical Research

The retina specialists of Southeastern Retina Associates place a high priority on our commitment to the advancement of medical research. Our physicians continue to be in the forefront with their clinical research participation and in the development of major innovations in retina care.

Southeastern Retina Associates is proud of its participation in research studies demonstrating the highest professional standards and exemplary clinical practice. SERA physicians have been leading clinical trials for more than 15 years! Almost 500 SERA patients have taken part in the research trials. Patient participation in trials is voluntary, and has allowed the latest treatments to become available to all patients who need treatment for advanced eye diseases.

Southeastern Retina participates in several clinical trials that are investigating new forms of treatment for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and a variety of other retinal conditions.

Below, are descriptions of clinical trials in which we are currently participating or have recently participated at Southeastern Retina Associates’ three East Tennessee main locations. More information on clinical trials is available at

Currently Enrolling Clinical Trials

Study NameConditionLocationsEnrolling?
DRCR GeneticsAncillary to DRCR StudyKnoxville | ChattanoogaYes
NTMT-03-AMacular Telangiectasia Type IIKnoxvilleYes
NHOR RegistryMacular Telangiectasia Type IIKnoxvilleYes
GALLEGOGeographic AtrophyChattanoogaYes
KINGFISHERDiabetic Macular EdemaChattanoogaYes
TALONAge-Related Macular DegenerationChattanoogaYes
KSI-CL-102Wet Macular DegenerationKnoxvilleYes
CanbellaDiabetic RetinopathyChattanoogaYes

Ongoing / Not Enrolling Clinical Trials

Study NameConditionLocationsEnrolling?
DRCR WDiabetic RetinopathyKnoxville | ChattanoogaNo
Score2 LTFRetinal Vein OcclusionKnoxvilleNo
FOCUSDiabetic RetinopathyChattanoogaNo
DRCR ACDiabetic Macular EdemaKnoxvilleNo
RHINEDiabetic Macular EdemaKnoxville | ChattanoogaNo
LUCERNEAge-Related Macular DegenerationChattanoogaNo
DRCR AEDiabetic Macular EdemaKnoxvilleNo


To ask about trials currently enrolling and the requirements to take part, patients or referring physicians may call any of SERA’s Clinical Trials Coordinators listed below.

Steve McBee  423.756.1002

Kristina Oliver